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 Nal Turar - Jedi

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Nal Turar
Nal Turar

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PostSubject: Nal Turar - Jedi   Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:20 pm

Character Name: Nal Turar

Age: 18

Gender: Whether Male

Height: 1.85 meters

Weight: 80 Kilos

Eye color: Nal’s eyes are commonly seen as a piercing blue. They shine with the purest form of royal blue and that is only exemplified in the presence of the color.

Hair: Nal’s hair is a light brown, or dirty blonde depending on the surrounding light. He keeps it in a shaggy style that reached to the bottom of his neck in back, while short enough for it to stay out of his face.

Skin color: Nal’s skin shows the slightest hint of tanning from the sun.

Species: Human

Homeworld: Corellia

Nickname: None

Appearance: Nal is what many have come to know as a typical human. He is built slender, but his muscles show the workouts that he is religious of doing. His body has no physical marring, no scars or remains of past injuries, although to one skilled at reading a person’s eyes, there is an intensity there that shows the determination within the man. He wears simple clothing, black boots along with brown tunic and pants. He also wears a brown leather vest for the purpose of personal protection. When necessary, he wears a long hooded cloak, a darker brown color than his tunic, similar in style to that of Jedi. A thick black belt is worn around his waist and allows for the attachment of, among other things, a blaster holster.

Personality: Nal is a very straightforward man. He looks beyond the surface and seeks a deeper understanding of the people and events that he interacts with. He is loyal to those close to him, but that is more of a reward for doing so. He is very independent, knowing his own abilities trusting in them. Having once planned on going into a career at CorSec, he has a natural distrust of those who break the law, however when pressed he will admit that it is sometimes a necessary evil.

Other Skills: Extensive martial arts training, Snub-fighter piloting, Laser-sniper rifle proficiency.

Background: Nal Turar grew up on Corellia with simple ambition, to be an investigator within The Correllian Security Force, CorSec. However, his ambition was never realized as he found himself called to the New Republic’s Fighter Corps. It was there that he met Myn Donos, a former sniper from Corellia, and Kell Tainer, men who taught him much in the way of combat and the martial arts. Turar showed a natural aptitude for combat and became proficient with a sniper rifle so quickly that Myn Donos wanted to get him to transfer to the commandos before he completed pilot’s training. However, Nal decided to remain with the snub-fighter jocks and soon left the academy at the top of his class.

Nal was moving quickly as a pilot and many assumed that he would be in command of his own squadron by the time he turned twenty. However, when he learned of the murder of his sister back on Corellia, he took a leave of absence from the fleet where he would mourn her death and attempt to seek out those responsible. It through this failure that he discovers his untapped potential and begins to seek out knowledge of Jedi heritage.

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Anden Martins
Jedi Grand Master
Jedi Grand Master
Anden Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Nal Turar - Jedi   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:40 am

Approved, welcome to the Jedi Order!

Your new master will be with you shortly...


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Nal Turar - Jedi
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