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 Anden Martins: Jedi

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Anden Martins
Jedi Grand Master
Jedi Grand Master
Anden Martins

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PostSubject: Anden Martins: Jedi   Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:20 am


Character Name: Anden Martins
The name 'Anden' refers to an ancient language amoung his species, the Friminiods. According to that language... 'Anden' refers to a type of Friminoid who is born with golden eyes, which their tradition dictates is a born leader amongst the tribe. Hence the name 'Anden' means 'Eyes of Gold'. Martins was his family name, which means, 'Fisherman'... The Friminoids who are fishermen can sustain their breath for an incredibly long period of time.

Age: 75
Anden was found by the Jedi at a young age, and was allowed to not become the leader of the tribes upon Dagoba, and instead become a Jedi himself. However the years have increased, and he has grown much older. He is considered to be middle-aged, as the friminoids age very slowly.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5
Height amoung the Friminoids varies... many of their kind are born short and stocky, while a select few are born lengthy and athletic. The 'Golden Eyes' are mostly amoung the taller of the Friminoids.

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye color: Gold
The Golden color of the eyes vary with age... the older they are, the dimmer they become. At age 75, Anden's eyes have lost nearly all their former radiance.

Hair: White
Dark Black hair is characteristic of Anden's people. However as their years increase, their hair turns from black to white.

Skin color: Dark blue, Raised skin designs

Species: Amphibious-humanoid (Friminoid)
The Friminoids are a people who tend to keep to themselves. Although they are secretive and hidden, the Friminoids are the dominant species on Dagoba.

Appearance: Mix between human and frog-like creature.
Anden Martins is unusually good at hiding his emotions. He will often mask his true character untill he becomes more aquainted with those who wish to know him. Those who do know him, think of him as a wise and accomplished Jedi Master.

A sketch of Anden Martins; prime example of friminoid build.

Social Interest

Homeworld: Dagoba

Personality: Adaptable, observant, and cunning.
Upon Dagoba, it was all about survival. For Anden, this survival provided constant sources to hone his abilities both aggressively and mentally.

Lightsaber Attack Style: Soresu
Anden choose Soresu as his fighting style primarily of its promises. A Jedi who knows how to use Soresu well, has the ultimate defense and can survive longer against foes. As Anden had previous 'self-training' with self-defense, Soresu allowed Anden to be more creative and agressive than most Soresu users.

Jedi Class: Guardian- Brute/Weaponsmaster

Trained by: Former Grand Master, Solon Qel-Droma

Former Padawans: Seres Nixe, Kharys, Eli Trem

Current Padawan: none

Jedi Skill Levels
Force Powers...

-Force Jump
-Force Push/Pull
-Force Sense
-Saber Throw

Tier I (Padawan Level)

-Force Flash
-Breath Control
-Comprehend Speech
-Force Throw (Requires Force Push/Pull)
-Force Whirlwind (Requires Force Push/Pull)
-Mind Trick

Tier II (Knight Level)

-Alter Enviroment
-Battle Precognition
-Droid Disable (Requires Force Flash)
-Force Comprehension (Requires Comprehend Speech)
-Force Concealment
-Force Confusion (Requires Mind Trick)
-Force Valor
-Force Wave (Requires Force Whirlwind)

FP Used: 16/20

Tier III (Master Level)

-Morichro (Force Trance)
-Psychometry (Requires Force Comprehension)

Councillor Additional FP Used: 4/4

Lightsaber Combat...

Form I: Shii-Cho - Master
Form II: Makashi - Proficient
Form III: Soresu - Mythical
Form IV: Ataru - Mythical
Form V: Shien / Djem So - Proficient
Form VI: Niman - Proficient
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad - Able

FS Points Used: 14/14
Councillor Points Used: 4/4

Other Skills: Blends in with surroundings, excelent swimmer, and can hold breath and sustain breathing for numerous days.

Pre-Jedi Background:
As a young Friminoid, Martins always possessed a keen sense of awareness. He always enjoyed discovering new ways to solve puzzles, or traps, or even just mind tricks. Even at a younger age, Martins always was a very influencial person. On the damp planet of Dagoba, talent was needed to survive through the dangerous conditions. And so it was only natural that he was one day spotted out by a searching Jedi. Martins was a constant source of curiosity for the Jedi... he seemed like a good choice for the times ahead.

Jedi Life:
All of Anden's life eary life was spent in service to the Jedi order. His only family he left on Dagoba, in order to serve the jedi.

The Life of Master Martins is best told by showing the RP topics. To read, click on the following titles:

Padawan Training
Crystal Mission on Ilum
Post Mission Briefing
Aldron's mission (short appearance)
First Knight Mission: Tatooine
Jedi Gardens
First Padawan: Seres Nix
Seres' first Mission: Hurrikane
Second Padawan: Kharys
Kharys' first mission: Mustafar
Third Padawan: Eli Trem
Legacy of Ilum: Eli's mission
Talus: Space Mission
Kuat: First mission as Master
Assasination Mission
Trials of Oban Tels
Grey Jedi
Coming of the Council
Leaving of Solon
Conquest of Coruscant
Alderaan's Destruction
Vanishing Act: Last mission

(Although the last mission listed was considered Anden's last by many, he was not actually dead, only wounded, and was returned home to Dagoba. But once he discovered an evident extinction of his people, he turned back to the only life he knew... the Jedi Order. And so he started the Jedi Order on Kamino, as is explained in this last "Old Alienus Post", Gone Fishing)

Gone Fishing


A smaller hilt, made from black alloy, resistant to lightsaber-beam, 3 secondary crystal spaces, one environment crystal space (underwater)

Hilt Configuration:
• A handgrip
• An activation stud plate
• A dead man's switch
• An emitter matrix
• A primary focusing crystal
• 3 secondary crystals which produce different effects
• A lens assembly (focusing crystals)
• Underwater crystal
• A blade-length adjuster
• A miniature power cell
• An energy gate
• A power conduit
• A recharge socket
• Cycling field energizers
• A belt clip

Crystal Configuration:
Color~ Orange
Crystal 1~ Kasha
Crystal 2~ Kenobi's Legacy
Crystal 3~ Lorrdian Gemstone
Underwater capability~ Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Crystal

Other Lightsabers: Lightsaber of Solon Qel-Droma

Recently, the Grand Master Solon Qel-Droma gave unto Anden his lightsaber, a legendary weapon, which only he could truely use. Anden Martins has yet to decide whether or not to try and use the lightsaber. For now it remains intirely a respected item, which is to be cherished by him and the rest of the Jedi Order.

• Pontite (A powerful crystal, bonded to Solon, which provides the green colour)
• Hurrikaine (Former crystal of Master Windu, creates a fast and deadly beam)

• A Phobium fencing emitter
• An Ossus duelling lens
• A Diatium power cell
• No activation stud plate
• No recharge socket
• Activation can only be achieved by a Force user

Other Weapons: Datadagger

"Datadaggers are personal weapons seen among the gentry of Chandrila.
Each dagger was typically an elaborate and decorative 20-centimeter long coded blade, capable of interfacing with datapads, computer terminals, and doors. Hidden under the carbon blade is an elabortate hacking program. Twisting the hilt extends the dagger. Datadaggers are almost never detected by standard weapons scans because the blade is carefully nestled among the delicate electronics. Some of the more finely made daggers are family heirlooms passed on through the generations."

Anden came across his datadagger upon Dagoba. While a young boy, he was searching some near by shipwrecks that are littered upon the surface. He came across a Chandrila diplomat's vessel. When he crawled into the destroyed vessel, the dagger pricked him in the back. He kept it and modified it so that it appeared less elaborate, and replaced the standard green hardware design with the black. Anden uses it whenever he needs to get through security systems. However it also works well in a fight. The carbonite blade has been modified several times, and it currenly is an alloy of vibrotechnology, which makes it resistant to lightsabers.

Personal Ship: The Queen Raven

Quote :
Name: The Queen Raven
Customizer: Jedi Knight Anden Martins
Ship Type: Delta-7 Aethersprite

Weaponry: 1 Concussion Missile chamber (7) ; Repulsor throwing razors (with Datadagger technology) (75) ; 2 Dual laser cannon turrets
Shielding: Single Layer M2 Deflecter
Engine: R200 Ion Jet Engine (1000 km/h/2700 G)
Hyperdrive: Class 1.0 (with booster ring; 150,000 LY range)
Sensors: Dedicated Energy Receptor
Countermeasures: Warhead Countermeasure, Small cloaking devise
Description: This example of a 'rogue' Delta-7 Aethersprite, shows just how much modification can be done to starfighters. The body itself is wider and shorter than most Aethersprites, it allows for better manuvering and handle for the pilate. Located underneith the pilate, is the Concussion missiles, which were previously incapabale of being manned upon a thinner fighter. However due to the width increase, the storage capabilities for the missiles are doubled. The Queen Raven was modified by Anden Martins at the start of the 'Great War' between the Sith and the Jedi orders. The ship includes a smaller cloaking devise to suit it's master's capabilities to 'dissapear'.


Grand Master of the Jedi Order View Anden's Biography Currently Residing on Kamino
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Anden Martins: Jedi
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