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 Kojar - Jedi

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PostSubject: Kojar - Jedi   Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:34 am

Character Name: Kojar

Age: 154

Gender: Male

Height: 207 cm

Weight: 265 lbs

Eye colour: Dull olive colour

Hair: Tendrils, the colour of skin

Skin colour: Kojar’s skin colour is the most unique amongst Feeorin’s as it is black in colour with jet black dots and stripes over his body.

Species: Feeorin

Homeworld: Odryn

Nickname: Koji

Appearance: Kojar’s general appearance looks like a monk from eons long past. He always has a hooded cloak drawn up to hide his facial features because he looks too imposing with it down. Kojar is physically imposing as well with broad shoulders and generally being taller than most of the populace. Having been a raider for a little while he does have a few scars visible on his face that are hard to see due to the inky blackness of his skin. Kojar has a very flat face, which is common among his clan.

Personality: Kojar is generally willing to talk to those that talk to him first. If whom he speaks to can look him in the eyes without fear, he gives them high amounts of respect and will generally accept them into a list of well known acquaintances or even friends. Kojar has few friends because he finds they die too often.

Other Skills: Kojar has advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat as it is custom amongst Feeorin’s. He is also a crack shot at the hip with dual blaster pistols. Kojar has minor skills in a variety of areas as well.

Background: Kojar was born on his home planet of Odryn into the Fire Shapers clan. Long ago the clan was known to be made up of those who could manipulate fire. Until recently, they thought the gene to be completely eradicated. As with all Feeorin's, Kojar grew in power as he aged. It wasn't until he was 153 that he gained the powers of the Force. Too learn more about his powers he went home to his clan to learn more of the fire shapers of old.

Although born on his homeworld he quickly left as with most at the age of 30 to become a pirate, smuggler, anything that could cause trouble as well as make a good coin. He quickly fell into line with the Black Sun pirates for a while where he started off small with escorts and minor smuggling. He quickly became known as a ruthless smuggler, as he would kill those who even so much as asked for ID. The pirates felt jepordized that they would be routed and quickly disposed of Kojar in a far outer rim world with no ship. Kojar had spent 20 years in their service.

Left to his own devices Kojar, made a name for himself on the planet as a body guard for some of the higher brass military. He remained on the planet for some 70 years. Feeling a change arriving soon he requested a transfer to a more inner core world where he trained and specialized in hand-to-hand combat. He guarded some of the more well known brass in the military on Corulag. In this service for the next 30 years he had been put to the test a few times as pirates tried to kill those he protected. None succeeded but there had been a few close calls as one such raid put the scars on his face. Near the end of his 30 years he felt compelled to visit his homeworld as he had a new feeling growing within him. An unfamiliar feeling.

After talking with the elders he found that his ancestors had Force manipulating abilities. Some were stronger than others but they all had the ability to manipulate and conjur fire. For the most part this was the extent of their abilities. None were Jedi or Sith back then. Leaving the planet once more he sought out those that could help him with this new power. He sought out those that were thought to be extinct. He sought out the Jedi.
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Kojar - Jedi
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