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 Sith Training

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PostSubject: Sith Training   Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:55 pm

Sith Training

There are three main points of focus in the training of a Sith. Studies of Lightsaber combat, the darkness of the Force, and the choosing of your path. Each step influences the other, and a Sith must think long and hard about his decisions, for there is usually no way back once one has followed the path of the dark side!


There are three main paths for a Sith to follow (much like that of the Jedi), the path of the Guardian, the path of the Sentinel, and the path of the Consular.

Dark Jedi Guardian: Combat Specialist

Sub-classes for Knights:

Warrior: Close combat specialist
Scout: Ranged combat specialist
Hunter: Ranged and close combat specialist
Force Soldier: Uses the force and close combat

Sub-classes for Master:

Sith Berserker: Close Combat Specialist
Sith Ranger: Ranged combat specialist
Sith Warlord: Leader, tactical

Elite Classes for Masters:

Sith Champion: Bloodthirster of Marauders
Sith High Warlord: High General of Sith Forces under the Triumvirate

Dark Jedi Sentinel: Cross between combat and the force.

Sub-classes for Knights:

Pilot: Pilot of starfighters
Assassin Inquisitor Adept: Veteran of covert action, learner of the Inquisition
Guide: Trainer of Adepts
Diplomat Adept: Political specialist

Sub-Classes for Masters

Squadron Commander: Commander of a Starfighter squadron
Assassin Inquisitor Master: Master of the Inquisition, Master of covert action
Teacher: Trains Sentinels in the Force
Diplomat Master: Political Specialist Master

Elite Sub-Class:

Master Teacher of the Academy: Overseer of the Academy and teaching of dark
Sith Inquisitor Lord: Heads all Covert action, leader of the assassins and inquisition.

Dark Jedi Consular: Masters of the Force and Corruption:

Sub-Classes for Knights:

Deciever Adept: Specializes in the Corruption and Darkness of the Force
Archivist: Keeper of the Library
Archaeologist: Studies History and Artifacts, Mostly Field Work
Disciple: Studies the Force

Sub-Classes for Masters:

Deciever Master: Master of Corruption
Historian: Masters the History of Force Users
Chronicler: Records Current Events
Prophet: Specializing in Precog, Visions

Elite Sub-Classes:

Lord of the Sith Archives: Keeper of all the Sacred and Dark Knowledge
Lord of Prophecy: Keeper of Visions

Lightsaber Combat

All Sith are trained in lightsaber combat, Consulars, Sentinels and Guardian's alike. Every Sith Adept will recieve very basic training in all of the lightsaber forms. Together with their Master, an Adept should seek a fighting style that fits him best, and pursue that style. When they take the trials to Knighthood, a Sith must show sufficient skills in one of the seven forms:

Form I: Shii-Cho "The Basic Form" -Good for Consulars-
Form II: Makashi "The Duelist Form" -Good for Sentinels-
Form III: Soresu "The Defensive Form" -Good for Sentinels-
Form IV: Ataru "The Agressive Form" -Good for Guardians-
Form V: Shien / Djem So "The Perseverance Form" -Good for Guardians-
Form VI: Niman "The Moderation Form" -Good for Consulars-
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad "The Dark/Light Form" -Needs council approval-

Force Training

Through training in the Force, Sith can achieve a greater understanding of the Force, strength, rage, power, and corruption. Meditations are a daily routine for every Sith, and Consulars should strive to learn as much about the Force as possible.
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Sith Training
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