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 Darth Arachnos - Sith

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Darth Arachnos
Darth Arachnos

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PostSubject: Darth Arachnos - Sith   Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:44 am


{Character Name} Arachnos
It has been ten years since his title Darth Arachnos was bestowed upon him. Since then he has either, forgotten, or erased the name from his memory.

{Rank} Sith Lord

{Age} 35

{Gender} Male

{Species} Human

{Birthworld} Coruscant

{Class} Dark Jedi Sentinal

•A Profound Pilot
•Renowned Tactician.
•Excellent Naval Commander
•Knows Muiltiable Languages.
•Hand To Hand Combat: Youn Wha



Before Time Skip:

Darth Arachnos was one of the pretter sith you would come accross, You could even say better then that of the women. Just in a normal stance, he seems to calm.. to balanced. In his stance you see his age, his kills.. If studied how he just moved.. you could see his was truely a graceful sith.
Arachnos has some very unique sith tattos upon his face. They are more of his own design of sith tatto, not really something meaningfull. Not something about his beliefs as a sith. Just something to brighten his white skin. When many look at Arachnos, they can gaze for hours. Into his Exterior, they see his graceful looks. Those at first sight would not believe He... would be a sith. Some find his "graceful" looks as nothng less then completely strange. He usually wears long robes, they are rather common robes. They do not hold anything signifigant. No markings, or even to many bright colors. Just white.. and tan. He wears light slipper like shoes. These keep his sound down while running or just creeping..

After Time Skip:

Arachnos has changed very little within his face. At one point he used to be concidered a very beautiful figure. He is still concidered a "handsome" male within the sith, but his face has become darker. As though he had gained a bit of darkness with in him. Removing any innocence he may have had ten years ago.. Now, any jedi could see that if he weild the force.. He weild it for what was concidered "evil" to them.
Just after the change in power, he removed the tattos which colored his face. Clearly for the fact that He was under a new order. Though, they held little about the last sith order. They said words of his once prized dark lord, Eternum. This all came at a cost, The Process of removing the permanent tattos was dire at the least. After the removal, he was forced to bed rest.. Though it was such a dire feeling to remove the tattos. He found himself adding many to his pale skin.
Arachnos who would once wear only a few simple robes.. Since then, it has changed almost completely. He came up with a thought, which made him decide that he should not only flaunt his power, but his looks as well. Once wearing only neutral colors. Through now he wears a few robes, one of his favorites being mainly purple, with white and black trim. being a completely custom robe, it has designs. Most of which are done in a dark purple, could be a light black, outlined in distint white. The robe is very loose fitting, and seems to hinder his abilties a little bit. Though, now you'll find him at the front of the lines very little. Due to this, he will sometimes bring tighter clothes incase he feels threatened for a real fight.

{Height} 6,0

{Weight} 153 lbs

{Eye color}

Before Time Skip:

When Arachnos was young he spent his time playing.. then his eyes were light blue. Though the isolation, his eyes changed to a light shade of yellow. Which in this yellow shade his pupil stretched. It was supose to be a side effect of the illness. It looks more like a Snakes pupil, which many myths have been made through conecting his name.. plus his eyes.

After Time Skip:

Since Arachnos has matured a bit more, his strange development has with it. His eyes still being a light shade of yellow at one time, and having snake like pupils. All of which have deepened in color and in myth. The light shade of yellow has deepened and become a rather dark shade of yellow. His Snake Like Pupils refractioned from the light and are not as noticeable anymore. Though if you looked you could still tell the uniqueness.


Before Time Skip:

Arachnos has very beautiful hair. It is of the darkest shade of black, and Its length hits a bit down past his shoulders. Though upon touching his hair, you would believe it to be fragile it is so soft... but in truth it is very thick..

After Time Skip:

Arachnos' hair has not changed in much detail, in the last 10 years. His hair style still being long, and of the very same shade. He will hold a thick head of hair for many years to come. He does hold some times diffierent lengths, but usually he keeps his hair shoulder length.

{Skin color}

Arachnos has pasty white skin, which looks to be a complete shade. As if he had never stepped into the sun. Though this is just a deformity.. after staying in the jedi cell for so long with no sun light.. his skin pigments disappeared. Leaving the soft pile of whiteness. It seems to echo on forever if you were to stare closely.


Before Time Skip:

Zythe was once a very playfull child, horible concentration. He slowly rose above the concentration, but through only through the forcefullness of a Jedi Master did he. And that was also the day that he gained something stronger.. a mental illness, while being a gift at the same time. schizophrenia It was something that made the boy hear voices, but instead he heard those voices of long dead sith lords. They would teach the boy when he was locked away for so long. Before he finally found a master.. a true master named Darth Eternum. One who he would follow to death. And even now he does a task for him.. while everyone else thinks they are enemies.. yes.. darkness had taken over this boy..

Though Arachnos is a sith, but he did not wave his godlike septer at all those knaves.. as if they were his servants.. and he was their king. No, He may be a sith lord.. but he is one of the most level headed for such task. While looking as if he was a big brute, or monster to many. Though if they were to truely know him.. and knew of his unstable mind.. They would know his brutish acts.. were inacted by a darker more sinister force of Sith, which aternated with in his mind.

After Time Skip:

Over the last ten years, Arachnos has changed more in the mind then anywhere else. Arachnos used his gift of talking to those known as Sith Lords. And accepted them all his trainer almost ten years ago. In this time they taught him many things. His mind only got darker, and stronger. He had more control over his affections, and loyalities. He was no longer completely affected by Darth Eternum, Or Darth Eden. Though Arachnos has changed, he still holds a few of his old virtues the same. Still being one of the level headed Sith, still being stable. Having control over who he talked down to, and who he was a kissass to... yes Arachnos has changed.. and by this I mean. He finds himself more often Using his powers to get what he wants in life... Over his captains, or even over fellow sith lords..

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Darth Arachnos
Darth Arachnos

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PostSubject: Darth Arachnos - Sith   Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:45 am


When Zythe was young, he was very playfull kid. Though their was always something to him. At a very young age, he saw one of his best friends die. They were fighting, and Zythe got mad.. though the confirmanation of how his death happened is not fully known. It was an unexplained death, that not even the jedi understood. At the age of six he was found to have a high midichlorian count in his bloodstream. The jedi believed that he would one day be a powerfull jedi master. Even with the history of the unexplained event. This is when he began his training.

He went through the training like all the other children which were his age. Everyday was the same, train with lightsaber. Study the princible of the jedi. He was top of his class, but at the same time not. For he had trouble concentrating, He was to playful, and passionate to be a jedi. Even though the jedi knew this they tried to force him to be serous to concentrate. It was a very hard thing for the boy, yet he still tried. At the age nine they decided he was ready to become a jedi padawan.

His master was a fair man, though a strick.. and dominate man. He would easly have his student put in timeout or something like that. Though he never did he just seemed like that sort of person. Through Zythe's training he pushed him, and then held him. He was forcing him to be serous, and take nothing lightly. Zythe never got it, he kept being himself. Till that day he pushed him to far, Zythe lost it. He locked Zythe down to the ground with the force. For two hours the boy could not move. And then the force that pushed him down bursted away.

This is when Zythe slowly floated into the air. In anger Zythe moved his hand to his master. Runes began to appear all of his body. They slowly moved around his body.. This is when the doorway as some called it opened for the darkside. All those who were once the strongest in the darkside of the force could now speak through the mind of Zythe. And the first to ever do so held the name of Exur Kun at one point in time. Exur Kun pushed his knowledge into the boy. And when Zythe called apon the darkside to force push his master away, he truely called out in a bolt of lightning which struck his master down.

The jedi found them the next day, and figuring that the boy had done this. They tried to turn him away from the darkside. But it was to late, for in the time that the boy pass out from over use of the force. He was spoken to, for when he slept the doorway was open larger. They could basicly have a conversation as if they were in the real world, but truely just in a imaginary dream world. Exur Kun was now his master, and for the next week Kun stayed with him. Telling him that the jedi lied, and were foolish. Till the boy believed it, and that was that. The jedi found he was to far gone, and locked him away in a sealed room. Where the boy still recieved the unwanted teachings of Kun. In this time his concentration disorder went away, and another order imerged.. or many believed it emerged though no one would know if it was the real thing.

Kun taught him many things about a lightsaber as well. Gave him much understanding of the Niman Style, and not only that showed him how to change the intensity of the blade. He learned so many things, till he finally gave him fully to the darkside, and the boy's body was a tool. Kun wanted to live on through the boy, but he was not the only one. For many others wished to live on through the boy.. And that they tired, by forcing the knowledge down his throut..

News of the boy reached the sith almost four years later. The boy was now thirteen. Darth Eternum the dark lord of the sith believed that the boy was going to be a strong one. For he had read in history of another who had the same syntom.. But how did the Dark Lord learn of this news, well by the one named Kyoshiro, an ex-jedi who now served the sith. He gave so much information to Darth Eternum on the skill of the boy, what the boy had done at such a small age. And when ever the counsil would talk to the boy seens he had turned to the dark side, he would act so much more dominate. Not the playful little boy that he once was, but more of a dark little puppet. He spoke like a sith, acted like a lord. And called himself Venom..

Oh yes, Darth Eternum was much intregued by the boy, and decided that it was time to bust the boy out before it was to late. Before the jedi decided to destory this boy, and the door be locked forever. Darth Eternum gathered a group to bust into the jedi temple, and take the boy. That they did.. the boy was only gaurded by two Jedi Knights.. which were both killed at the moment they were seen. Many sith lords taught the boy in the time he was in this locked cell, but none had saved him.. At the moment Venom say Darth Eternum.. and knew he was safe.. He said.. "I am now your loyal son.. Do with me as you wish."

"Betrayal For The Sith"

When Venom was younger he became a loyal being under Darth Eternum. But, many believe things which are not true. That he is a betrayer, a traytor among words. But in truth the boy did as he was told. He was told that he would receive training from Vector by Darth Eternum, For just to act as a spy. He was told that if Vector is to betray you must go along with him. That the sith would need a Spy among the CIS.. But for the longest time Venom was fighting Eternum on the idea.. "Sir, I do not wish to betray you.. And the sith... please" But Eternum made his mind. And even though Venom wished not to betray.. he went along being the loyal boy of Eternum.

Going through the teaching making seem that he cared about the teaching. That he wanted to be a student of Vector. but in truth he wished his teacher was Darth Eternum. Apon completing his training, Vector said he was leaving the sith. Venom pleaded for him to stay for he did not want to betray the sith. But.. Being the rat he was Vector left.. and Venom left along with him.

"Death Of Eternum."
Slowly the news of the fake death reached the Venom back on the capital of the CIS. He was angery, he almost killed the man which delivered the news. As he screamed in anger he made himself leave, going to the bar. Where he spent the night away in unnatural cleanser.

In the night he met the one known as Rohke. She told things to Venom.. Of his death being a fake. Venom did not believe at first, but grew to trust her. In return he betrayed the CIS, and joined up with Eternum's Secret Army. He gave much information on the CIS, and joined the ranks as Darth Arachnos.

On the day he was ordered along with the rest of his comrades, to ransack the sith palace. He found himself fighting a Sith Warrior by the name of Yokan Shadow. He was a skilled one, but messed with the wrong sith. As soon as he attacked, Arachnos tricked his apprentice to kill him. His name was Vraaken, this boy was a skilled Ziost, who endured a long training from Yokan, before enduring crazy, and twisted trials from Arachnos. Though just before he was nearing the middle of his training. Arachnos found him missing, he went into a cave.. and he was no longer there. He was sent in to kill a jedi. But the Jedi was missing as well, he searched for a week or so on the island. Only the jedi's body was found.

Arachnos was a bit broken over his student leaving, He was skilled, and had much potential. In the long run, the boy could of been something strong. Under Arachnos' teachings, The ones passed down from many of the sith lord's themselves. He could of become much... stronger.

[Force Powers]
( Hey There!, I took out the word "Force" It became very repetivitive, Also I've been trying to weaken and change, Tell me if you believe I should change anything.)

Far Seeing

Comprehend Speach

Force Healing "Can Not Regrow Limbs, Or Bring People Back From The Brink Of Death"
Force Stasis Field
Force Absorb

Drain Knowledge
Force Lightning
Chain Lightning
Force Destruction

[Force Lightsaber Combat]
Dun Moch
Saber Barrier
Saber Throw

[Signature Abilties]
(OCC: You must understand me here, these are either self made force moves. Maybe a move in which he as completely mastered.. and added on to. Used almost constantly by Arachnos. It shall go as such, Name - Learned How- Under It Shall Be The Explanation:End Of OCC)

Force Reflexes - Ten Years: Time Skip, No Thread
Force Reflexes, is more of complete extention of ability. He applied the knowledge of Force speed, and over time extended how far he could take the ability. Although this force power is heavily reliante on the force, it's a quick win. It raises his senses, and speed to maximum level. For most unskilled players, they'll see nothing more then him appearing and reappearing. For those of moderate skill, they perhaps will see a blur. For those around the same level as himself, he will beable to see through attacks. But, In the end, the negatives are usually much higher.

Sith Battle Coordination - Ten Years: Time Skip, No Thread
This ability was founded just after his first battle. Few have been able to truely master, and maximize the ability. Arachnos has found himself to be one of the few. The force ability is used heavily, depending on who he is fighting. Arachnos was one of the few that led the Sith to victory, He used this very ability to muilitiable battles. This gave him a way to coordinate the entire fleet, or the entire ground forces... And keep them at maximum efficiency. Darth Arachnos has very few times used this ability for small skirmishes. It is still as a effective, just usually works to his advantage more on large scale battles, Where he is unable to slice down each and every opponent.

[Lightsaber Forms]

Form I: Shii-Cho - Expert
Form II: Makashi - Mythical
Form III: Soresu - Profient
Form IV: Ataru - Mythical
Form V: Shien / Djem So - Profient
Form VI: Niman/Jar'Kai - Expert
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad - Basic
Form VIII: Eternum - No Skill
Force Form: Telekinetic - Master


Main Hand Lightsaber
This is a normal sized hilt, with all of the proper gears. It has been tuned to a definate length, and on which he removed the sizer. It is a bit thiner, and sharper the most you would see, due to his defianate tuning of the blade.
Heart Of The Gaurdian

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Anden Martins
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Jedi Grand Master
Anden Martins

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Darth Arachnos - Sith
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