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 Sith Member list

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Anden Martins
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Jedi Grand Master
Anden Martins

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PostSubject: Sith Member list   Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:53 pm

Structure of the Sith Empire

Once upon a time there may have been a triumvate, though at the top there is no place for rivalry. True power must be unrivaled and their authority should be unquestioned.. For this there is now only one Sith Lord

Dark Lord of the Sith (The Highest Rank Within The Sith)

-Darth Eden

Shadow Hand (The Second In Command, The Highest And Only True Apprentice To The Dark Lord.)

Lord (A Sith That Has Passed The Trails, And Has Guided An Apprentice To A Warrior)
-Darth Arachnos

Warrior (A Sith That Has Passed The Trials, But Has Not Yet Trained An Apprentice)

Acolyte (A Prospect Sith That Is Being Mentored By A Warrior Or Lord)
-Hunter Morrel

Apprentice (A Prospect Sith Who Is In The First Stages Of Their Training Many Times Still Training Without A Mentor)

Unknown (Yet to be placed) :
-Darth Eternum
-Antillus Kazon

Deseased :
-Del-Narra Marr ( Unknown )
-Lukanos (Unknown )
-Darth Huragan (Sith Lord)
-Kreia ( Warrior )
-Salias ( Acolyte )
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Sith Member list
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