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 Rules of Alienus

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PostSubject: Rules of Alienus   Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:49 am

Rules of Alienus
Here are the rules as was laid down by Solon Qel-Droma, with some minor changes in them.

General Rules

1. Try and be nice to each other, we are here for our fun.

2. Don't spam.

3. Keep non-Star Wars discussion restricted to the Chubba-Chubba Bar.

Mission Rules

1. Hyperspace missions need to be approved by the leaders of the factions involved.

2. Only use OOC when everyone needs to know it, otherwise use PM's.

3. Make your post longer than a sentence. It has to be at least two paragraphs long, but you aren't going to get any awards unless you have over that.

Fighting Rules

1. NEVER kill another character without conscent!

2. TAKE IT EASY ON 1st TIMERS! Many apprentices will have to face Sith/Jedi/Mercs when they search for their crystals and vise versa... let the apprentice get away in one peace.

3. Let the other character come back: dont be a victory hog!

4. Be sure that you know your enemy well... READ THE BIOS OF YOUR OPPONENTS!

5. Do not inflict heavy damage on your opponent. You can apply your own damage, and its best to usually end a post with you about to deal out damage. If your opponent keeps 'twisting at the last second' or 'Force-pushing in the nick of time', take it to PM.

6. Rule of thumb for strength of characters:

Grand Master of the Jedi
>Jedi Council Member
>Jedi Master
>Jedi Knight
>Jedi Padawan

(Goes for comparable Sith and Mercenary ranks as well)

Inactivity Rules

We at Alienus strive to have an active community. If you just leave without notice, your character is put on "death row". This means your character can, and will, get killed on a mission. This to maintain a realistic RPing atmosphere, where leaving means your character dies. Simple as that. There are a few rules, exceptions etc:

1. Your character needs to have been inactive for at least 20 days to become placed on the "Death Row" list.

2. Each faction has it's own list. Characters will be taken from this list to partake in their last mission based on length of absence. Those longest gone will die first.

3. If you return while your character is on "Death Row" he/she will be taken off the list. This however your responsibility!!! YOU need to check the list to see if you are on it, and contact your faction leader to be taken off!!! We aren't here to check if you return on a daily basis. Your responsibility!

4. If inactive for more than one month, your forum account may be deleted as well. If you make a new account and discover your actual character is still alive (because he is on the bottom of the list) you can continue playing with that character as before.

Okay, how to prevent this?

1. Send a pm to the leader of your faction (Sith/Merc/Jedi), stating you will be gone for more than 30 days, assuring us you WILL come back, and providing an IC reason for your absence (aka a thread stating your off to explore or something).

2. Faction leaders have the right to take characters of the "Death Row" as they please. This might happen if you are a well-respected character, but don't count on it. Go option 1 to be safe.

Nota Bene: The combined Death Row can be found in the Character Central, if your Bio is in there, you're in trouble. If you cannot find them, pm your faction leader.


1. Signature moves have to be accepted by one of the staff members.
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Rules of Alienus
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