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 Alienus Timeline

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PostSubject: Alienus Timeline   Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:33 pm

The year 0 for this timeline is the Ruusan Reformation in the year 1000 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin, Star Wars IV). That is because that was the standard used before BBY, and that will obviously not happen because the timeline is changed in the Clone Wars.
The Jedi Civil War = KOTOR I, First Jedi Purge = KOTOR II

BR = Before Ruusan Reforms
AR = After Ruusan Reforms
CE = CIS Empire

2,959/2,956 BR - The Jedi Civil War

2,955 BR - First Jedi Purge

1,000 BR - Start of the New Sith Empire.

0 AR - Battle of Ruusan and Ruusan Reforms

650 AR - The Trade Federation is founded

918 AR - Darth Sidious is born Palpatine on Naboo.

968 AR - Invasion of Naboo, Palpatine elected Supreme Chancellor

978 AR - Battle of Geonesis, start of Clone Wars

981 AR - Order 66, assasination of Darth Sidious*

982 AR - The Mid-Republic is created on Coruscant

983 AR - CIS merges into the Sith Empire, New Republic is formed

983 AR - Jedi Order is re-instated by Master Solon Qel-Droma on Alderaan

984 AR - Galactic Civil War between the New-Republic and the Sith breaks out

986 AR - Galactic Civil War between the New-Republic and the Mid-Republic breaks out

987 AR - The Confederacy of Independant States (CIS) is reformed by Jens Hantonnar and Kal "Kilo" Banner.

987 AR - Master Solon Qel-Droma dissapears, Master Anden Martins resumes the duties of Grand Master

987 AR - The Sith destroy Jedi Temple upon Alderaan; the CIS overtake the Sith and declare war upon the crumbling New Republic

... (the period between 987 and 997 is labled as the "Decade of Doom" when the CIS is established in place of the New Republic)...

997 CE - The CIS formally declares itself an empire

1000 CE- The remaining members of the Jedi Order collect upon the planet Kamino; establish the Hidden Jedi Temple

1000 CE- The now populating Sith Order dominates nearly all outer rim planets as well as their home planet, Korriban

1000 CE- The CIS declares the beginning of a "Golden Age" for the Confederacy...

The year is now 1000 CE


Darth Sidious is assasinated by unknown Sith or Jedi just after Order 66. The Mid-Republic is formed by corrupt Senators loyal to Sidious, taking Coruscant and other planets in their wake. The New Republic is formed by Mon Mothma and Bail Organa on the planet Alderaan. In the meantime, the Sith have re-invaded the Galaxy, assimilating the Seperatists, and waging war on both Republics. The Mid-Republic quickly loses many key planets like Kuat, and is crippled for the rest of the war. The battle is now between the New Republic and the Sith Empire. Master Solon Qel-Droma, one of the few remaining Jedi, managed to regain control over the clone armies via Sidious' office, transferring it to the New Republic. He also rallies the surviving Jedi to reform the Jedi Order. Not long after, during the Civil War, Master Qel-Droma leaves- Master Anden Martins resumes his duties. The Jedi lose the civil war, the Sith are overcome by the sudden strength of the CIS. Jedi are all but extinct... with a remaining (and renumbering) few hidden on Kamino. Sith are renumbering on the outer core planets. The CIS is the dominant power of the galaxy.

That is all that is known up until the year 1000 CE.
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Alienus Timeline
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