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 Darth Muerte

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Darth Muerte
Darth Muerte

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PostSubject: Darth Muerte   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:43 am

Name: Rohke Stardust (Darth Muerte)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 1.5 m

Weight: 63kg

Eye colour: green

Hair colour: black

Skin colour: slightly tanned

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Nickname: Never been given one

Appearance: Although looking rather tough and quite intimidating on the job, she also has the image of beauty. Her long fiery hair comes down to about her shoulder length while her fringe is held back and flops over a black leather headband. She is usually seen wearing a tight fitting red leather top along with some black baggy leather pants. She has a long black leather coat which goes down to her ankles which hides her two tonfa like weapons which attach to her utility belt.

Personality: Rohke can be rather kind and friendly but is also highly aggressive should someone cause trouble. She can also be quite flirty and manipulative as well as deceiving.

Other Skills: Martial arts, gambling, explosives, occasional repair work.

Allegiance: Sith

Background: Growing up on Nar Shaddaa was tough for young Rohke who spent her young days working as a barmaid in one of the many local clubs. She would often see countless fights throughout her day of work and would sometimes just stand back and study individual moves. As she grew older she would often find herself being harassed by the customers. However one day a customer kept pestering and touching her so she grabbed his arm, twisting it and then breaking it. The owner of the club was shocked at the display and decided to hire her as a bouncer. Rohke decided to take up the offer as she needed the money and so came an end to her barmaid days. The days went on and countless trouble makers were thrown out by Rohke’s hands.
However the money was not enough to support her and she resorted to gambling. She had many ups and downs in her gambling experiences and gained a number of friends along the way. She became quite the sabacc player earning enough to supplement her bouncing job.
When she was off duty and not gambling she would help out a nearby old man who was an engineer. She would help him fix things and prepare the fixed items for sale. She would also search nearby junk for anything useful to aid him. Life was generally happy for Rohke but that was about to change.
She was at the club one night, everything seemed normal that was until, a shot was fired, killing the owner instantly. The murderer was heavily armoured, but had fled the scene, Rohke pursued the armoured man down the dark alleyways of Nar Shaddaa but soon lost sight of him. She pondered whether it was a bounty hunter but didn’t quite understand why her boss would have a bounty. When she was returning to the club a sudden explosion happened, she rushed back to the club fearing the worse. It was as she had feared bodies scattered everywhere, smoke poured out of the club entrance as the flames burned and crackled, turning a once happy club to a black charred disaster zone.
She began to cry, and was obviously upset and traumatised by the incident, however a man brushed past her dropping an object into her pocket. She took the object out to reveal that it was a note. The note said ‘All your troubles could simple disappear’ under the note was several directions. But where would these directions lead.

Updated History and current situation
Rohke was trained by the great lord Eternum along with fellow sith apprentice Salias. Things went well although a plan Eternum had resulted in Rohke killing Salias. Eternum faked his death transfering his life force to Rohke where she left to start a new order on a different planet. She was then granted the title of Darth Muerte and was sent on a recruiting mission. A new woman appeared in Eternums life and this sparked a rivalry between this new woman and Muerte. Eternum offered Rohke the chance to become even more powerful by changing her genetic structure. However Rohke refused as she wanted to remain human. It was then that she found a space for Eden in her heart and would visit him often in between her own mission of resurrecting project starscream.

Main weapons – Rohke is a powerful force user and is very much a student of the force.

Secondary weapons – Rohke was first given a pair of twin fan blades, Similar to a lightsaber but shaped like a fan, these twin blades were mostly used in defence. Rohke is not as skilled in melee combat as she is with the force however she did increase her offensive capabilities with the creation of the light saber dart whip. This weapon was extreamly long made of chain with a lightsaber dart attatched to the end.
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Muerte   Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:14 am

approved, forgive me if i dont use the sticker =P


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Darth Muerte
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