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 A rough beginning

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PostSubject: A rough beginning   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:02 am

As she stepped off of the ship, Thyos gazed around from beneath her dark cowl, her eyes scanning the dusty terrain. Her wings stretched wide, nearly hitting a young man in the face, though he was quick to duck. As she settled her wings back into place she strood off towards the town, away from the landing pad. Her twin Ryyk blades swining easily at her hips, she was not unaware of the dangers that came with such a place, she was always on alert, her hands ready to snap her weapons up at any moment.

Thyos began wandering around the dusty city, intriguied by the chaotic nature of the planet. She stopped at a small kiosk, a toydarian merchant shouting at the crowd, hocking his wares. “We gots blades, we gots blasters, we gots ship parts, we gots everything you needs!” Thyos stepped up to the kiosk, admiring some of the blades when the smelly merchant flitted up to her side, “Ohhhh tall woman wants a blade?” Thyos sneered at the small creature, rather offended by his stench. “Shoo, allow me to browse in peace.” The toydarian cackled and flapped off to annoy a newcomer at the other end of his kiosk. Thyos picked up one of the small daggers, weighing the weapon in her hands. She scoffed and dropped the weapon unceremoniously back into its place. “Worthless garbage…” she muttered to herself as she turned from the stand, bumping smack into a large wookie.

The wookie bellowed at Thyos, the crowd around them seeming to hush and move well away as he began to pick his fight. Thyos drew one of the blades from her hip, positioning it defensively in front of her, she wasn’t much of one for apologies. The beast continued to berate Thyos, tough she understood none of it, her predatory eyes locked on her target. The wookie lunged at her, throwing all of his massive bodyweight behind it, and thus the brawl in the streets of Tatooine ensued.
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Darth Arachnos
Darth Arachnos

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PostSubject: Re: A rough beginning   Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:41 am

Arachnos had been on the planet for a short time, he came here to check up on the forces which were placed here. All of which were doing there job at a standard rate. He only could snarl at there increased ability to do completely average. After becoming annoyed with in the small sith fort, he decided to walk around the city which was quite near.

The planet was so sandy, the sand was finding itself into places arachnos did not like. It was getting his clothes dirty, and along with that... becoming quite the annoyance in his hair. Once inside the city, he quickly made his way to the first sighted building. The first look made Arachnos want to just stand the sand, being that it was so... filthy looking. Finally he gave in, moving himself into the building quite fast. He ran his fingers through his hair, picking the sand out. Isolating his cloths, and thought... "this is quite useless i'm going to have to go back outside." He waited a few moments, and looked around the room he decided to enter. It was as he thought, completely shabby. He made a quick escape outside..


"What The Hell!" Arachnos spoke, he was not frightened but it had been sometime since he heard a wookie scream. A grin scretched accross his face, he was remembering the Battle of Kashyyyk. It was one of the many battles he lead against the jedi. Satisfied with his memory, he turned to see a Stenax in a brawl with a Wookie. Arachnos smiled, he liked watching other creatures suffer in battle. He expected one of them to die, or suffer completely. He then placed one hand upon his face, and shifted his weight a bit.. and continued to watch the brawl... as many other stepped back.. Arachnos stood there.. waiting to see blood. He sorta wanted to join in, it had been some time since this sith had done any real heavy lifting....

(OCC: Not my best, I hope you don't mind if a join in. Are you wanting to be a Sith?)
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A rough beginning
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