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 Masseria Thyos Vasseur

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PostSubject: Masseria Thyos Vasseur   Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:21 pm

Character Name: Masseria Thyos Vasseur

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Height: 2.1m

Weight: 99 kilos

Eye color: Silver-White

Hair: n/a

Skin color: Purple-gray

Species: Stenax

Homeworld: Zeltros (Dathomir later in life)

Nickname: Thyos

Appearance: Thyos looks like most Stenax, her tall dark body is muscular like that of most of her race. Dark spine like protrusions jutting out from her shoulders, elbows and knees. The same spines also form a crown of thorns around her head. She has no hair, her face slender with almond shaped eyes. Two fangs protrude from her upper lip, giving her an almost vampiric appearance. Her ears are slightly pointed, the spines from her chin are like that of the rest of her race. All in all she appears as a typical member of her species with massive leathery wings sprouting from her back.
Usually she is clad in a dark black robe, the sleeves cut off, allowing the spines to erupt from her skin freely. The robe clings to her form, sporting a dark hood and a swath of cloth that she covers her nose and mouth with when the hood is up. She wears no shoes, but rather two anklets made of a heavy silver metal. Two bracers of the same silver adorn her wrists, covering up to her elbow. Along with the cloak, two Ryyk blades rest in sheathes at her hips, and a massive Rantok sheathed across her back, strategically placed between her wings.
Personality: She is solemn and quiet, not usually speaking unless spoken to first, keeping to herself. She is quick to anger, and even quicker to draw her blades. Having spent nearly a decade alone, she cares for none but herself and seeks only to better herself. She is loyal to no one, but is searching for a master of the dark force to teach her the ways of saber combat. Her life goal is to wield a lightsaber with the best of them

Other Skills:
Flight: While most of her species form Stenos possess the ability to fly, it is not widely used. However, growing up on Zeltros (and later on Dathomir) has given Thyos a different outlook on life, and she readily practices her gift of flight.

Force: While not taught in the art of the force, she is sensitive to its presence. She cannot manipulate it. She is weakly able to use the Force Battlemind and Force Battle Precognition to enhance her movements while in training and in battle.

Combat: She is adept in melee combat, having taught herself much, she is not professionally skilled but she is able to hold herself very well in battle. Her main weapon being the massive Rantok strapped across her back. Though she is capable of some stealth, though her large frame prevents her from being completely successful at it.

Flight Combat: She is adept at the art of using her wings to enhance her movement in combat, as well as using the advantage of flight to cut down her foes.

“ I was born on the planet Zeltros and remained there until I was twenty years old. My parents were frivolous in their actions, having abandoned our people long before I was born. They remain loyal to Vol, but practice his teachings much less than our ancestors. Due to this my childhood was rather unorthodox. Upon Zeltros I witnessed many a thing, including gladiator matches. From a small child I knew that I wished to be as they, to wield weapons and be a fighting force as the combatants had been. Upon my twentieth birthday my family equipped me with the weapons I carry with me today, my Ryyk blades and my Rantok and I boarded a ship for Dathomir to test my survival skills in the wilderness. It is here that I realized that I was sensitive to the force. I have battled Rancors and all manner of beast. My skills have improved, and I have taken on meditation in order to strengthen my body and my mind. I began to earn my way to Tattooine by bringing in the skins of animals I had slain, as well as running errands and such for the locals. While I despise doing so, I believe I have received all of the training I could have here, I can learn no more from myself, and thus I must sojourn somewhere where I can receive more training.”
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PostSubject: Re: Masseria Thyos Vasseur   Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:38 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Masseria Thyos Vasseur   Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:17 pm

Quote :
but is searching for a master of the dark force to teach her the ways of saber combat

I'm just figuring this out, how did she end up with the Jedi if she is looking for someone to teach her dark powers? xD

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PostSubject: Re: Masseria Thyos Vasseur   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:00 am

Thats a good question Eden Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Masseria Thyos Vasseur   

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Masseria Thyos Vasseur
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