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 Dark Jedi Information

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PostSubject: Dark Jedi Information   Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:44 am

The Dark Jedi (Jensaari)

This topic is intended to help all of the people who do not fully understand the term, Dark Jedi, understand,* as well as shed light on the roles of the Dark Jedi in the CIS.

Quote :
The term Dark Jedi was a collective and vague name of dark side practitioners (be they fallen or rogue Jedi) that used Force powers and a lightsaber, but were not always members of a certain organization; whereas the term Sith refers to a definite heritage of cult or ideology. Some Dark Jedi were allied to the Sith or other organizations, while others were loners.

When the Rule of Two was established, the Order of the Sith Lords was limited to only two members, a master and an apprentice, whereas the Dark Jedi had no such limitations.

The Sith would often seduce Dark Jedi to work for them, without really granting them any knowledge of Sith techniques. Yet most Dark Jedi were willing to serve the Sith, and saw it as a way to further their knowledge of the Force. Like the Sith, they usually used lightsabers with red blades, but were also known to use a wide variety of saber colors.

The Dark Jedi are an elite force within the CIS. They are adept force users, powerful lightsaber wielders, and often unpredictable. They form the backbone of the CIS Special Military Operations. While not only trained in Lightsaber Combat, each Dark Jedi is proficient in a number of weapons, depending on the Dark Jedi in question.

Not only this, but the Dark Jedi harness the powers of both the Light and Dark side of the Force in order to achieve true conquest over those who are inferior.

The Dark Jedi prize their ability to create their own armor, using Sith Alchemy. While Lightsabers are seen as second important to a Dark Jedi, while still having great personal value, the Armor of the Dark Jedi are seen as their first importance.

The Dark Jedi follow values and morals similar to the Sith & Jedi, such as: the defense of peace and justice (in their eyes). They are willing to dominate, or destroy, anything that will stand in their way of ultimate conquest.

The CIS Military is under the control of the Dark Jedi, similar to how the Jedi lead the Republic armies in the Clone wars. Unlike the Jedi however, the Dark Jedi are required to serve in the CIS Military. They provide support to the numerous Droid armies, tactical thinking for fleet combat, and special ops into enemy lines, on and off the battlefield.

Each Dark Jedi is required to learn the two main Force traits: Ballista Kinesis or the hurling of small, un-harmful objects, at high speeds to cause extreme damage; The ability to mask their presence in the Force to all but the most powerful Force-sensitives, namely the Jedi and Sith Force-users.

The current leader of the Dark Jedi, or the Saarai-Kaar (Keeper of the Truth), is Vector.

- CIS Imperial Leader | Original Dark Jedi
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Dark Jedi Information
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