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 About the Ace of Sabres

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Anden Martins
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Jedi Grand Master
Anden Martins

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PostSubject: About the Ace of Sabres   Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:34 am

The Ace of Sabres

The Ace of Sabres is an upscale gambling establishment on the planet Kluistar, located in the Colonies.

Known as a gambler's paradise, the Ace of Sabres is owned by the Ace Entertainment Corporation. The establishment boasts ninety-nine levels and one thousand and one different amusements.

Current Games:

Watto's Game of Chance

~2 Players agree to play
~Players "buy" 5 (or less) chance cubes
~Each player bids on their red or blue face color
~Players may choose to roll 1-5 cubes (depedning on how many dice they have "bought" or have)
~Player(s) role chance cubes
~Whichever player rolls the most of their color wins the round, loser must discard one of his cubes

~Rounds Continue in that order until one person has no more cubes to roll
~Winner is the only player left with playable cubes


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About the Ace of Sabres
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