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 Elege Eternum

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Darth Eternum
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Darth Eternum

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PostSubject: Elege Eternum   Thu Nov 06, 2008 3:30 am

Eternum, The last of the Sith Race

Character Name: Elege Eternum

Allegiance : Sith - But not currently in direct contact with the great group.

Birth Date: 959 AR

Gender: Male

Height: 1.81 Meters

Weight: 94 Kilograms

Eye color: Crimson, pupil-less eyes.

Hair: jet black hair falls down past broad muscled shoulders, always well kept.

Skin color: Porcelain white skin

Past : Human
Present : Partially human and partially Sith

Past : Tatooine
Present : Dromund Kaas

Past : Darth Eternum
Present :

Class: Dark Jedi Sentinel

Sub-Classes: Assassin Inquisitor Adept (Achieved) - Assassin Inquisitor Master (Achieved) - Sith Inquisitor Lord (Achieved)


Current :
Quote :

Past :
He has a very distinct appearance filled with somewhat unforgettable features.. Amongst them are foremost his eyes.. One whom looks upon them does not easilly forget such horrific orbs. His body is well toned though not quite bulky.. His porcelain white skin fits with his jet black hair. For it seems quite beautiful in the eyes of some... Yet it looks horrific to others... Some are know to have nightmares.. Others have dreams. Eternum also has a breathing device that helps him breathe, it happened in an accident whilst practicing his own style in which he slashed open his own throat... Luckilly he was saved by the Sith whom recovered him.. Next to that he has also lost his left forearm by the same reason of an accident with training.. It was replaced by a highly advanced version of cybernetics... A robotic arm that functions exactly like a real arm with no disadvantages.

Present :
Wicked would be the one word that has come to sum up Eternum’s new appearance. Crimson, pupil-less eyes stare into nothingness with a malicious gleam. Midnight tresses frame his face, accenting his eyes. His hair falls down past broad muscled shoulders, always well kept. His body is a spectacle. Lean, and powerful muscles ripple beneath a pale exterior. Black veins snake their way beneath the skin, feeding the bulging muscle of his form. His skin has a slightly weather beaten appearance, but is broken by the networks of veins that traverse his body. His nose and mouth are covered by a silvery apparatus, which is tailored to the contours of his face. While he retains the almond-shaped eyes of Elege, it is clear that he is no longer bound to the mortal coil.

His muscled forearms and hands are adorned with customized gauntlets. Where human fingers should have been, steely claws are in place. Each metal digit winking in the light. Several razor edged blades, several centimeters in length protrude from the wrist and forearm of the gauntlet. His adornments capable of rending flesh with unnerving ease.

His chest and shoulders are broad, with stout pectorals set just above a set of washboard abdominal muscles. Several metal rings have been set into his chest, one on each pectoral and a third at the bottom of his breastbone, where his body had been rigged up to the wires and tubes within the cloning pod. His back ripples with the same black-veined musculature as his front. Again the metal rings are set into his flesh, one between his scapulae and one on his spine at the small of his back. The individual vertebrae of his spine can be seen protruding from the taut skin on his back.

He stands on a pair of thick legs, the blackened veins running down to his ankles. He stands tall, and while his frame is muscled, he still retains a certain leanness, obviously capable of being very dexterous for the amount of muscle he sports.

A calculated coldness. A malicious persona that would consume any man from inside to out, if he did not possess a herculean strength to control it. Eternum has cruel, sedate personality. He weighs the importance of every word that he speaks. He calculates every crevasse in his own words, as well as in the words of others. He is not quick to anger, but should one do so, they would find themselves in a very sore spot indeed. He knows his power, but he does not flaunt it overtly, rather it is brought to the table in a confident, serious manner. Not one for cheap tricks, Eternum knows his worth, which makes his temper all the more to be feared. Any weakness that he has is carefully concealed behind the stoic mask, which seems eternally stamped on his face. He does not act surprised, as though everything that happens has been expected. A cold, calm demeanor secretes the wickedness brewing beneath the surface.

This shell of a demeanor is only broken for one woman. It is she and she alone that brings out the sliver of human nature left in Eternum. On the surface he knows not love, nor fear, but beneath such emotions pierce his psyche. Because of her, he retains the shred of that which makes us human. Compassion.

Other Skills: Acting, Torturing, Double handed weapons expert(Jar'Kai), double-bladed lighsaber expert and expert on medical studies of the anatomy of many races. Scientific research, genetic engineering, Cloning, Force power development, Force studies, Master of the force, Master of Lightsaber combat, Tactician and Sith Alchemist

Form VIII - Eternum Style : The Eternum style is a style that uses two double-sided sabers, focusing either on attack, defense and attack or completely on defense.. These are three ways he can switch between in battle, it is completely unique and unknown still, it has a lot of potential and is amazingly difficult to master.. Darth Eternum however after a long time working on it has finally perfected it, it is easilly used now in every situation from one opponent to a horde of melee and ranged opponents. It requires concentration however after so much practice it comes quite natural to him and the only weakness that he cannot remove is the amount of stamina that it takes to fight in this style. It's purpose is to quickly incapacitate all the opponents before ones stamina runs out.

Signature Powers :

Quote :
Spirit Transference :
The power enabled the wielder's spirit to survive the death of their organic body by usurping control of a suitable receptacle. If the invading consciousness was powerful enough, they could override and destroy the spirit of the body that was invaded. However, the practitioner's own body disintegrated in the attempt (much like a Jedi Master becoming one with the Force). If the target resisted the possession attempt, or if the user failed in their attempt to bond with the object, their disembodied spirit, with nowhere else to go, was consigned to Chaos. Given the power's inherent difficulty, unpredictable nature, and the unspeakable consequences of failure, most would-be practitioners chose to have their bodies cloned by trained technicians and kept in a hidden safehouse, unconscious in stasis tanks until they were needed. The clones, lacking life experiences or a sense of self, were each little more than a blank slate, upon which the original could imprint their consciousness with ease.

Quote :
Force Clones :
The power enables the user to control clones that have the same DNA code as the user, Eternum invented this power on his long days locked in his chambers in which he researched ways to empower himself. The power's main weakness is that when controlling clone bodies the user is in a meditative and transit state in which he cannot sense anything in his own surroundings which makes him very vulnerable for attacks. The clones themselves are strong however the more clones he uses and the distance he uses them from deeply dissipates their strength in the force and reaction speed. from a short distance he can control two clones to fight like Sith Lords, however more then that they lower a rank and from a short distance any more then 4 become apprentices or weaker. From a very long distance the Dark lord can control one clone to fight as a Sith lord but it requires all his concentration whilst from such a long distance if he uses two the power immediatly drops to warrior ranks and lower. The clones themselves cannot be killed by mere bullets, their spinal cord needs to be severed as Eternum uses the force to connect to their nerves and control them. Cut the nerves, cut the control.

Quote :
Morichro :
A power not taken lightly by the Jedi for its fear of misuse, it is nonetheless a neutral ability that puts an opponent in a suspended state by shutting down particular bodily systems. The use of this technique is frowned upon in the Jedi Order as it can easily kill a person if used incorrectly. Eternum learned it when he was still with the Jedi, the knowledge was contained in an old Holocron and one which was very well secured for that matter. In secrecy he studied this power as it was banned by the Jedi and Eternum knew that.. However up to this day it has been his favorite, perhaps simply because he taught it to himself whilst keeping it a secret from his Master.

Quote :
Torture :
It consisted of Eternum gesturing with his hand and mentally reaching into the victim's mind, forcing them to relive all the worst memories of their life, both painful ones and ones that were merely embarrassing, over and over and over again to the point where it almost seemed to cause physical pain. Interestingly, the victims seemed to display slightly more enhanced intelligence and strength after recovering from this.

Quote :
Midichlorian Manipulation :
was form of Sith Alchemy allegedly mastered by Darth Plagueis. Requiring immense knowledge of the dark side of the Force, it was the ability to create, maintain, or save life through the influencing of midi-chlorians to a certain degree

Darth Plagueis stated that a child born of this power would be the embodiment of the Force. Later, Palpatine used the promise of this power's effects to entice Anakin Skywalker further to the dark side. He had also made the same proposition to Ferus Olin. It is also possible Darth Plagueis used this to create Anakin Skywalker.

It is also possible that Darth Sion used this power to keep himself alive.

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Darth Eternum
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Darth Eternum

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PostSubject: Re: Elege Eternum   Thu Nov 06, 2008 3:32 am

Elege Eternum was raised in a well known crime familly upon Tatooine that were dubbed the Eternum's, a young child embraced in to this world of crime he was always at a distance from anyone. The only young child in such a high place he was lonely and not allowed to fraternize with any of the commoners as his parents used to call them. Due to all his socializing with criminals he very swiftly developed a keen and cunning mind that had little regard for life and knew very well what to do to benefit himself in every possible way.

Things however changed when he got a new room that looked out over Tatooine, often did he see a young girl running by, playing with the other lower class kids.. Dressed badly and with unkempt hair and awful hygiene, yet there was something about this girl that enticed him to no end. Perhaps it was because even though he was so well established in life that nothing could be reached, they were miles apart and his hand would never even flick her soft locks of hair.

Little did he know that his parents knew about his newfound affection and didn't approve of it, which is why they let him go to the streets more and more often. He encountered her quite often during that period of time, but was always guided by several guards which prevented him from making any true contact with her. His parents wanted to give him hope and then take it away from him.

He was sold to the sith not long after that.. However in the middle of the transfer the ship was boarded by two Jedi and with the few troops that were on the ship there was little resistance. He was at the age of thirteen back then, the Jedi sensed a strong force power in him however and took him with them, training however was something they were reluctant in as he was found too old to be trained well. In the end however he was grabted a Master, skilled for his age and a wise teacher. Elege however was young, brash, selfish and tained by his past.

Though after a few years this seemed to change, slowy but gradually. The clone wars however changed all this when he fought side by side with his master something in him changed, a cold dark aura and a lust for death. Though due to all the commotion his Master did not notice in time, the clone wars had brought something forth within Elege that were both frightening and dark. It was at the age of nineteen that he left his Master to make his place within the Sith.

In his first mission he had to steal a datapad from the Eternum's for the Sith and it was there that he bumped in to the girl again.. Eternum had grown cold and demonic during the time of his absence, without any humanity left.. However it was like the past just caught up to him and granted him some of his humanity back, at first they fought as he tried to overcompensate for his feelings and tried to deny them but it hurt him to hurt her.

Slowly they started to grow closer in the small time he had during his mission, to make sure she would survive the future he killed his own parents and arrranged for her to take their place. The only humanity left in the Dark Lord Eternum is this woman, though no one so far has ever known about her existance because he is very careful with that information. It's because he wishes to keep her safe.. His research so far has been for immortallity and power but the true research will be to transfer a normal human spirit to another body.. So he can grant immortallity to anyone aswell as take it.

Additional History :
Eternum had been the Dark Lord of the Sith for quite a few years and had always been busy with his own plans, this formed in to his plan on leaving the Sith using a staged death, though the inabillity of Eternum to hide his force signature left him with a problem. He had to make an elaborate stage and use his apprentice to get away, a combination of his spirit transference and the loyalty of his apprentice was required in which after he died he would immediatly move in to the body of his apprentice and keep his presence smaller then the host body in which the signature would not be recognized due to the other presence being overpowering.

The apprentice in this matter was Rohke and she would lead him to Dromund Kaas where he had developed an engineered body that held his own DNA and the DNA of the extinct race of the Sith. However drunk with power he killed her and Lieve, his beloved... Ten years have passed and his name is no longer as known as it was.. He has been believed to be dead.. However on Dromund Kaas he resides, studying in his new body... Believing himself to be the last of the Sith, having created this new body for that exact purpose, he is the first and last of his race. He feels to be superior and feels unbound by feelings of love and others, the dark side has taken over and created a much more calculating being then before.

Personal Items :
Eternum's Double-sided Lightsabers :

Quote :

-Bane's Heart {Makes the lightsaber unable to be used by anyone else and adds lightning damage}
-Qixoni {The power of a Qixoni crystal could only be harnessed by one with great strength in the Dark side of the Force. The crystal was said to enhance one's Force abilities, in addition to enhancing the lightsaber blade's power to significant degree.}
-Ultima-Pearl {extremely potent in modifying the damage dealt by a lightsaber}

Additional Appearance Pictures:

Quote :
Elege Eternum - Age 13

Quote :
Elege Eternum - Age 20

Quote :
Appearance before resurrection

Quote :
Appearance after resurrection

Quote :
Historical Topics :
Fight with Solon Qel-Droma
Fight with Padawan Anden Martins and Kyle Barris
Tatooine Crime Syndicate
Del-Narra - The first Shadow Hand
Death and Ressurection
Matma Bernu = Darth Vitriol
Del-Narra - Training
Emmareth Torona - Training
Return of the Dark Lord
Eternum and Angel
Eternum's Absence
Rhyss meets the Dark side

((Post was too long, had to cut it in two.))
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Jedi Grand Master
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PostSubject: Re: Elege Eternum   Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:46 am

How could I not accept such a legendary sith?

Welcome back!


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Elege Eternum
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