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 Bezwada Malari

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PostSubject: Bezwada Malari   Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:34 pm

Character Name: Bezwada Malari

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 1.56m

Weight: 143lbs

Eye color: purple/darkblue

Hair: Black

Skin color: a light green/yellow

Species: Mirialan

Homeworld: Mirial

Nickname: None

Appearance: Bezwada Malari has a dark feel to her, This may be due to her always having her dark blue hooded cloak on with her hood up most of the time. She has a tattoo on her forehead of several black diamond shapes forming a triangle around a circular dot in the middle which is typical of a Mirialan who has accomplished something. She is quite attractive to most individuals and has that exotic look about her. Her clothes follow a certain colour theme of Dark Blue and has a silver utility belt.

Personality: Bezwada has always been a bit of a rebel, and often gets into arguments. She is also quite stubborn at times and will often do what she thinks is right even if it may be wrong. She is not the most pleasant of individuals and this has led to many people simply staying away from her. This has led to a lonely life for the young Bezwada.

Other Skills: Speech – she is a great speaker full of confidence despite not having many people to talk to.

Background: Born on her species homeworld of Mirial. Bezwada Malari had quite the simply childhood, she would play with the other kids and was generally happy with life. That was until she reached her teens. When she entered her teens she changed greatly her fellow teens would stay clear of her and she was mostly a target for bullying. She was greatly disliked and this lead to a terrible life for the young Miss Malari. When she reached the age of 19 the damage had already been done and she found herself as a loner who often got into trouble and argued with others. When she reached the age of 21 a cloaked visitor came, he was human and entered the local cantina, it was then that he noticed Bezwada all lonely, he walked up to her but as he did he noticed a faint sense of the force in her. He thought to himself that she may be recruited in these hard times for the jedi. Despite her age she may be a great asset and was far better off in the jedi that going rogue or joining the sith. This was the most likely outcome due to her loneliness. This was the beginning of Bezwada’s new life to be trained as a jedi, She never bothered saying goodbye and left with the clocked man.

Allegiance: Jedi
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Anden Martins
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Jedi Grand Master
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PostSubject: Re: Bezwada Malari   Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:49 am

Approved, expect a PM from me about your new Jedi Master =)


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Bezwada Malari
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