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 Darth Eden - Dark Lord of the Sith.

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Darth Eden
Darth Eden

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PostSubject: Darth Eden - Dark Lord of the Sith.   Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:20 am

Suiken Mar'Eden a.k.a Darth Eden

Dark Lord of the Sith

{Character Name}
Suiken Mar'Eden
{Given Titel}
Darth Eden
78 Kilos
Ord Mantell
{Home world}

High Sorcerer

// - Appearance - //
Eden is wearing a pair of loose black pants which are tucked into a pair of high black military styled boots. His pants held up by a heavy belt with no visible buckle. On the left side of the belt his long main saber hangs, clipped into a small safety slot which makes it more or less impossible to simply grab hold of it and take it, or to use the force to pull it off. On the back side of his belt there is a series of black leather slots which holds his Mar's. On the right side of the belt his mask hangs idly, its surface wearing its usual small discolorations of dried blood.
His upper body is covered in its usual black tank top, exposing his well defined yet slender arms and the outlines of his toned torso. His skin looking pale and smooth as always, touched if only by a few small scars which had chosen to remain, to remind of the many battles he have fought. He has a black set of long leather gloves which ends at his elbows, and around both his biceps are a pair of dark metal circlets.
Above this he carries a red trench coat looking robe with a high collar, the 'coat' is always open. It seems to be made out of some very light fabric and it does not hinder Edens movements.
On his back hangs a long black scabbard, and sheathed within it is Edens Sith Sword (More on this to come soon)...
His appearance in its whole is being as haunting as ever. His facial features are still looking very gracious and beautiful, even bordering a little to feminine, yet he has matured during these ten years which have passed. He gives of a more grown and experienced impression now, yet this only makes him more imposing then before.
His hair carries an almost 'ethereal white' colouration. It does not look like he has any specific haircut. The only modification he has done to it is having parted it in two fingers on the sides of his face, so that his hair does not block his vision.

// - Personality - //
Edens personality(ies) can be measured into three levels:
Power Hungry

// - Light Saber(s) - //
•Main Light saber (Carried inside a black holster)
Its hilt is much longer then a normal sabers hilt, almost as long as a staff sabres. It has three triggers instead of one. The beam is also longer then a normal sabres (about 59 inches), its shape is thin and the beam glows a very intense green. The crystals inside the sabers are focused on the beams 'sharpness' and it can cut straight through most materials.
The Sabre has three modes:
Mode 1: Ferocity
Blade Length: 59 Inches.
Mode 2: Defense
Blade Length: 38 Inches.
Mode 3: Fencer
Blade Length: 31 Inches
Telepathic Combat Sabres (Also called Mar' by Suiken)
These sabres are built by Suiken himself, they have small short black coloured grips, quite hard to actually wield in one hand effectively. They are double sided (meaning a beam comes from both ends off the handle) and the beams glows in an intense red colour, the beam can be measured to about 4dm. They are placed in a well hidden black holster on the back off his belt
•The Twins
This is the pair of staff sabers that were given to Eden by Darth Eternum as he had raised to the rank of Shadow Hand. Eden rarely use these sabers but their quality is exceptional.

- Saber Forms -
Form I: Shii-Cho - Expert
Form II: Makashi - Mythical
Form III: Soresu - Mythical
Form IV: Ataru - Mythical
Form V: Shien / Djem So - Proficient
Form VI: Niman/Jar'Kai - Expert
Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad - Proficient
Eternum - Expert
Telekinetic Saber Combat - Expert

// - Force Powers - //
{Sith Sorcery}
Eden began to unlock the secrets of this ancient art ten years ago and now he have began to master various techniques and rituals, making him a powerful and highly lethal enemy to anyone who encounters him.
{Signature Power - Red Lightning}
( A variation of Force Lightning )
This is the enhanced form of Force Lightning that Eden uses to unleash chaos and destruction upon his enemies. The strength of this lightning leaves deep scorching scars in metal and tears bodies apart effortlessly.

{Core Powers}
Eden have mastered the Core Powers
• Burst of Speed
• Force Cloak
• Force Concealment
• Force Sense
• Farseeing
• Force Empathy
• Force Seeing
• Telekinesis
• Force Jump/Leap
• Force Pull/Push
• Telepathy

{Universal Powers}
•• Force Whirlwind {Variation of Force Push}
••• Force Wave {Advanced version of Force Push}
•••• Force Repulse {Advanced version of Force Push}
• Breath Control
• Comprehend Speech
• Force Bellow
• Force Body
• Force Comprehension
• Force Confusion
• Force Deflection {Without a lightsaber}
• Force Flash
• Force Illusion
• Force Whisper
• Precognition
• Psychometry
• Sever Force
• Tapas

{Dark Force Powers}
• Deadly Sight
• Drain Knowledge
• Force Destruction
• Force Drain
• Force Fear
•• Force Horror {Advanced version of Force Fear}
• Force Healing
• Force Flight
• Force Scream
• Force Slow
• Force Affliction {Variation of Force Slow}
• Force Wound
•• Force Grip {Advanced version of Force Wound}
••• Force Choke {Variation of Force Grip}
•••• Force Crush {The most advanced version of Force Wound}
• Mind Control
• Electromagnetic Torpedo
• Force storm
• Thought Bomb

// - Biography (Needs an update) - //
He was raised by his father on Ord Mantell. He spent his early youth as a hopeful for the local gangs and cartels. But he could feel that he was special... Different from others, like he used to call it. And as he grew in age he began to realise that this was no childhood fantasy. He was different! He could move things with his mind, but only for very short durations. And he had found a way to 'manipulate' other people’s minds. He continued to train this 'gift' and he had soon managed to take over all illegal activities in his neighbourhood. But he wanted more, so much more. He began to expand his network, using his 'mind bending' and brute force. He enjoyed the power, it was his drug. And he was addicted, oh so addicted. He used his 'gift' without hesitation and he used it to destroy any competition that arose. As the weeks passed he began to notice a difference in his appearance. His skin was paler, and his veins had turned darker. And his eyes, those where the dark eyes of a man who had no mercy to spare. But he was too addicted to stop even at this point, he had to keep going. Because soon, he would own Ord Mantell, and then he would go even further... Conquer galaxies perhaps, the thought was alluring and he spent hours planning and placing dark seeds of corruption within the fragile minds of his followers.
But as he had gone so far in mastering his gift, it had become more and more unstable, and he felt its dark corruption. Making him sick and he began to cough blood and he lost touch with reality for long periods of time... Sometimes a week could have passed by and he could not remember anything of it. People began to notice his lack of strength and they saw his empire crumble. Suiken knew that his life was drawing to its end... And he knew that he was going to be betrayed and destroyed as soon as an opportunity arose. So he fled his empire on Ord Mantell... Left his beautiful life of wealth and power behind...

He started to live the life of a mercenary, travelling across the galaxy to perform any work he could find. And his 'gift' seemed to ease its burden on him. Yet he used at times when he was left without any alternatives. But he could not escape his past, no matter how much he wanted to. People with power wanted him dead.
He was working on Tatooine when he got cornered by a band of thugs and thrown into an alley. And he had no choice but to use his 'gift'. But the second he reached for his power everything went black. He awoke later, drenched in blood holding the severed arm of one of the thugs which where standing on his knees in front of him. "The force" The thug said, his voice filled with terror. Suiken had no idea what the man meant, but he had no time to waste. So he picked up a blaster from the ground and ended the thugs’ life. As he ran into the darkness of the night he felt an unnatural rage consuming him, twisting his mind into madness. He got turned into creature driven by hate and rage. He was lost to the dark side... He only remembers flashes of gruesome images from this period of his life. He lived in the desert, killing anything in eyesight. Using his 'gift' almost constantly... That is how he was found by the Sith. One day a man in black robes came walking trough the desert, seemingly unarmed. An easy prey, Suikens twisted mind chanted as he charged the man. But he was overpowered in an instance... He could not understand how it had happened. The man had simply raised his arm and he had been thrown like a rag doll. "So much rage I feel in you..." The man said, his voice was dark and cold. Suiken charged him again, unleashing all of his power against the man. The man seemed taken by this increased amount of power which emitted from Suiken. But he still managed to overpower him yet again, pinning him to the ground using some invisible force. "You are untrained so you stand to chance against me young one" The man said. Suiken managed to talk, yet his voice sounded odd... He had not spoken for such a long time. "Release me! I will tear your throat out!".
The man chuckled darkly "You need training young one, and I can give it to you... So much force I feel in someone so young... And it seems you have begun to master the force without a mentor. But you have been consumed, such thing will happen to ones such as you. Allow me to take you to Korriban... Or you will die. There is a rumour of a dark Jedi which haunts this part of the desert. And a person with far more training in the force has been sent to destroy you. So you have two options: Come with me. Or die" Suiken listened to the mans words, and he managed to master his rage "Yes, take me with you!". "So I shall" The man replied.

And that is how Suiken became a Sith.

// - Random Funny Stuff - //

{Kyle Barris / Jedi Knight - Corellia system: Space Station}
Killed when Eden stabbed a combat knife in his heart.
{Nietzien Zhai / Padawan - Corellia system: Space Station}
Killed when Eden used the force to rip him apart, piece by piece.
{Kreia / Sith Lord - Kiva, Galactic Core}
Killed when Eden fired a 'Blood Bolt' this blew a large hole in her upper torso
{Darth Huragan / Sith Lord - Kiva, Galactic Core}
Killed when Eden used the force to crush Huragans ribcage into his body.
{Tons of random npc's}
Had to honor these brave anonymous people..

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Anden Martins
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Jedi Grand Master
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Eden - Dark Lord of the Sith.   Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:35 am


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Darth Eden - Dark Lord of the Sith.
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