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 Corran Horn - Jedi

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Corran Horn
Corran Horn

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PostSubject: Corran Horn - Jedi   Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:37 am

Character Name: Corran Horn

Age: Mid 30s

Gender: Male

Height: 1.8 Meters

Weight: 160 lbs

Eye color: Green

Hair: Brown

Skin color: Caucasian

Species: Human

Homeworld: Corellia

Nickname: Rogue 9

Appearance: X-wing pilot/Jedi mix

Personality: Brave and adventurous. Not all that trusting. He tends to be quiet and thoughtful, but watch out if you annoy him; he can have an acid tongue.

Other Skills: Martial arts, singleship piloting, blaster fighting, and investigation.

Personal Skills:


Form I Shii Cho- Expert (2 used- all Jedi are able to start with 1, see above)
Form II Makashi- Master (4 used)

Total LS Used: 6/6

Corran’s lightsaber is of the Makashi style. The hilt is silver to match the blade, which is given color by a Durindfire gem. His hilt carries two other crystals as well. For a long time he used a crystal which, when rotated into position, tripled the length of the blade. Currently he uses a velmorite crystal and one other which he has yet to reveal.

Force Powers:


Burst of Speed
Force Jump (since it can involve augmenting muscles rather than a force push style, I can do it)
Force Sense

Tier I:

Mind Trick
Force Healing
Comprehend Speech
Battle Precognition
Force Flash
Breath Control
Protection Bubble
Force Shift

Tier II:

Force Confusion
Force Deflection
Force Comprehension
Force Trance
Force Valor
Droid Disable
Force Teleportation

Total FP Used: 15/15


Corran was born on Corellia, the son of a CorSec (Corellian Security) officer named Valin “Hal” Horn. His childhood was relatively normal and he grew up listening to his father and grandfather’s stories of their adventures in CorSec.

In his late teens Corran enrolled in the CorSec Academy intending to follow his father into what was basically the family business. He fared very well, breaking several records, some of which were set by his dad.

Upon graduation Corran joined CorSec, serving mainly in the anti-smuggling division alongside his father. After several years he was partnered with Iella Wessiri. During their many missions, Corran would often follow “hunches” that always led to success. Whenever he ignored them, something always tended to go wrong. When he asked his father about this, Hal only told him to trust his hunches.

Several years after he was partnered with Iella, Corran and Hal were doing a stakeout of a smuggling group. Hal sat in a cantina with their target as Corran monitored things from a nearby speeder-van. A trandoshan bounty hunter, Borssk, walked into the cantina and opened fire. Hal Horn was shot twice in the chest and Corran got to him only in time to see his father die as he held him in his arms. He arrested Borssk, but a liason officer, Kirtan Loor, let the bounty hunter go free. Though heavily tempted to seek revenge, Corran restrained himself and did neither any harm.

After Hal’s death Corran took to wearing a medallion his father had always worn, considering it a good luck charm. For a while he continued to work in CorSec until Loor’s corruption forced him, Iella, Iella’s husband Diric, and their boss Gil Bastra to flee Corellia. Bastra had worked up fake identities for them, so they split up and took on their new roles. Corran took nothing with him but his starfighter, his astromech, named Whistler, and the medallion.

Two years later Corran fled from Garqi, where he had been hiding, and joined the New Republic’s military. He soon proved to be an excellent fighter pilot and was quickly recruited into Rogue Squadron, which was being rebuilt. He soon met Mirax Terrik, the daughter of his dad's greatest opponent. Though they were initially suspicious of each other, they soon became friends. Eventually they fell in love, though rumors of marriage are unsubstantiated.

After more than three years with Rogue Squadron, Horn was approached by Master Solon Qel-Droma, who was then trying to rebuild the devastated Jedi Order. He accepted Solon’s offer and became one of the first to journey to Alderaan to sit under Qel-Droma’s tutelage.

Years passed as Corran grew in knowledge of the Light. He soon completed his training, earning the rank of Knight. It didn’t take long, due to galactic circumstances, for him to attain his Mastery, though the battle to do so was perhaps the hardest of his life. Appointed to the Jedi Council, Horn continued to serve after Master Solon left the Order to pursue unknown knowledge.

The Order soon expanded to three Academies and Corran was sent by Grand Master Martins to found the Corellian Academy. This was where Corran would remain based at for a long time to come. Eventually the Sith found the Jedi Temple on Alderaan and sacked it. Corran was unable to assist in the battle, being occupied elsewhere at the time.

Not long after this Master Martins called the Jedi together at the ruins of the Temple. Leading them into the mountains, he challenged them. Who was willing to shoulder incredible burdens? Who would give all for the Order? Corran stepped forward, among others. Accepted by Master Martins, Corran accompanied him further into the mountains as the others took a different route. Anden told Horn that he would succeed him as Grand Master and told him all he should know.

Before they could finish Kal “Kilo” Banner appeared. A former Jedi and friend, he challenged Martins to a duel. As they fought the Grand Master fell into a deep ravine, disappearing in the river at its bottom. Corran could only watch with grief as Banner left the scene.

Corran served as Grand Master to the best of his ability. One day he received surprising news while at the Jedi headquarters in the Corellian Academy. Solon was back. Journeying to Coruscant, Horn met with his old Master. Qel-Droma revealed a coming threat and promised his friendship, but did not rejoin the Order. He gave Corran the Ankarres Saphire as a goodwill gesture.

No one can really say what happened next. The expected invasion never occurred, and Solon disappeared once again. With his influence gone, the power vacuum tore the New Republic apart. The fledgling CIS quickly overtook it, scattering the Jedi and dismantling the Order. The Sith fell into similar disarray, or so he heard. Horn himself disappeared from the Academy when he knew it to be too late to stop the CIS. There would be another day to fight. Until then, he would retrieve his hidden wife, Mirax, and their young children, train, and live as normal a life as possible on Corellia.

Personal Starship:

Name: Corellian Bloodstripes
Customizer: Corran Horn
Ship Type: T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

Weaponry: 4 Taim & Bak KX9 or IX4 laser cannons (multi mode); 2 Krupx MG7 Proton Torpedo Launchers (8 missiles total)
Shielding: Chempat “Defender” Deflector Shield Generator
Engine: 4 Incom 4j.4 Fusial Thrust Engines
Maximum acceleration: 6,700g
Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1,300 km/h
Hyperdrive: GBp-629 Hyperdrive Unit
Countermeasures: Removed
Sensors: ANs-5d Full-Spectrum Transceiver

Description: Personally modified by Corran to suit his needs, the Corellian Bloodstripes is almost completely Corellian Jedi green. The only exceptions are the red lateral stripes that give it its name. (Updated picture coming soon.) Corran also has access to the ship his wife, Mirax Terrick Horn, owns. It is the Baudo class yatch Pulsar Skate.

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Jedi Grand Master
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Corran Horn - Jedi
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