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 Building Your Character 101

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Anden Martins
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PostSubject: Building Your Character 101   Tue Nov 04, 2008 5:58 am

Here is the original "how to" as done by Huragen.

Building your RP Character: 101

Quote :
Please apply this format (scroll down) for your Character Bio.
Things like your lightsaber, personal ships/droids, etc, will be added once you have them. Everyone starts out with nothing.

NOTE: Sith do not start out as "Darth". You will recieve that title once you become have risen in their ranks. Please use your normal name, a forum admin can always change it for you later.

Topic Title: Yourname Biography (Johnny Fallweather) The Topic name MUST be your characters full name.
Topic Description: Alignment (Sith/Jedi/Mercenary/Clone) Your topic description MUST say what faction you are with.

First, let’s look at what should be included in your Bio, and we can work from there.

Quote :
Character Name: (What you want to be called)

Age: (How old your character is)

Gender: (Whether you are male, female, or other [like a Hutt with only one gender])

Height: (Use the metric system)

Weight: (Metric system as well)

Eye color: (Colour of your eyes)

Hair: (Colour of your hair)

Skin color: (Colour of your skin)

Species: (Only canon species, don't make stuff up)

Homeworld: (Where you were born)

Nickname: (If you want to have a special nickname or slang in the RPG's)

Appearance: (General appearance: dark, imposing, inviting, serene, etc)

Personality: (Your general mood: trusting, angry, comtemplative, etc)

Other Skills: (Any general background training or expertise that you know: repairing ships, martial arts, cooking, hacking, explosives, things not necessarily related to the Force)

Background: (A brief story about yourself, minimum of 5 lines)

I know this isn’t in the bio section, but it should be. This is one of the most important aspects of your character. Who will you side with? Sith, Jedi, Merc, CIS? This decision may have a huge effect on how you create your character.

Character name
Some people have no problem making up names for their characters, other just plain suck. So how can you create a good name for your new alter-ego? Here are a few tips:
…..1: Make sure it fits your character’s species. Look up the names of some other well-known figures from your character’s homeworld to get an idea of what you’re looking for.
…..2: Make it something that fits with your character’s personality. This isn’t a necessity, but if you look at many canon characters and places, you will notice that their names tell something about them. My character’s last name, for example, means “water” in polish, and he is an amphibious species.
…..3: If all else fails, ask someone to help you out or do it for you. Razz

Age/Gender/Height/Weight/Eye Colour/Hair Colour/Skin
This is all up to you. But remember, keep it species-appropriate. Eighteen for a wookiee is really young, and some species have more than 2 genders (or no genders at all). Height and weight will have an effect on your physical abilities. Eyes, hair and skin are all pretty much up for grabs, but once again, make sure they are species-appropriate.

This is a biggie. What kind of a Star Wars RP would it be if everyone was a human? There is a gallery of sentient species on wookieepedia that may be helpful in finding the species of your character. Many species have special traits and abilities that may be useful and interesting when RPing. There are easily over 100 sentient species to choose from on wookieepedia.

This can be the homeworld of your species, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s your character. Do what you want.

Make one up, or wait for one to be made for you. Or don’t have one at all.

Be as descriptive as possible. Think about where you want your character’s story to go.

Other Skills
For god’s sake, don’t make an invincible superman. That’s no challenge for you and no fun for the other players. You should have strengths and weaknesses.

What happened to your character before this? What led to him joining the sith or becoming a bounty hunter?

This is another one that isn’t on the basic bio-form, but it will eventually come into play. What kind of stuff do you have with you? Look for things that reflect your character’s personality and background. There is a ton of info on wookieepedia. Go find it.
If you are a jedi or sith, you may be in the market for a lightsaber. There are several websites that offer custom built lightsabers for their customers, and they have pictures fo all of them. Below is a link to one of those sites. Happy hunting.

If you have any questions about how to make your character, anyone here would be happy to help you out. Have fun and happy Rping.

Choosing a Faction

There are currently 4 Factions one can join on Alienus.


You can learn more of those factions by reading about them in their respective IC forums (ie: Hidden Jedi Temple)
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Building Your Character 101
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